mini highland cow for sale

Dickson and Mariana Hill | Sacramento, CA

We are incredibly grateful and consider ourselves fortunate to have our Mini Highland steer, Jake, from reputable Miniature Highland Cattle Farm.

Ever since he arrived, Jake has seamlessly integrated himself into our family, becoming an indispensable member. His presence has not only brought immense joy but has also imparted valuable life lessons to our three children, teaching them the importance of responsibility and compassion towards animals.

Jake possesses a gentle and affectionate nature, always seeking the company of anyone willing to shower him with scratches and affection. It is heartwarming to witness the bond that has formed between our family and Jake, as he eagerly spends time with each one of us, creating cherished memories.

The owners of Miniature Highland Cow Farm, have been incredibly supportive throughout our journey with Jake. They have promptly addressed any inquiries or concerns we have had, demonstrating their dedication and expertise in the field. On the day Jake became a part of our lives, the ensured that we were equipped with all the necessary supplies and knowledge required for the proper care of a Mini Highland calf.

Furthermore, they have consistently checked in on us, providing valuable guidance and reassurance. Their genuine care and concern for both Jake and our family have fostered an environment of comfort and confidence in the care we provide. We hold the highest regard for the family and would wholeheartedly recommend Miniature Highland Cattle Farm to anyone seeking to welcome a Mini Highland calf into their loving home.


Theo and Aubrey Kelly | Lincoln, NE

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to purchase a stunning mini calf from Highland Cow Farm.

From the moment we laid eyes on their well-cared-for cows, we knew we were in for a remarkable experience. Miniature Highland Cattle Farm is a true sight to behold. The picturesque landscape surrounding adds an extra touch of beauty to the experience.

Not only that, the family provided us with a beautiful calf, but have also gone above and beyond in assisting as novice cow owners. They have patiently and willingly answered all of our questions, ensuring that we have the necessary information and guidance to take care of our new addition. Their expertise and willingness to help even after the sale have truly exceeded our expectations.

love for our cow has only grown with each passing day. The joy and fulfillment that our cow brings into our lives is immeasurable We are grateful to Highland Cow Farm for providing us with such a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

mini highland cow for sale
mini highland cow for sale

Diana Hamilton | Tallahassee, FL

After tirelessly searching for several years, exploring various options and researching extensively, I finally decided to purchase a miniature cow.

The journey was filled with anticipation and excitement, as I knew this decision would have a significant impact on our lives. However, my feelings of gratitude and appreciation grew exponentially when I stumbled upon your establishment and discovered your exceptional miniature cows.

From the moment we brought our beloved girls home, our lives have been forever changed. The joy and contentment they have brought to our family is immeasurable. Their presence has not only added a unique charm to our home but has also created a special bond between. The daily interactions, the gentle grazing in the pasture, and the heartwarming moments we share with miniature cows have become memories.

Furthermore the satisfaction and happiness we have experienced have been contagious. Our, had initially recommended your establishment to us, shared in our delight. They too have witnessed the incredible impact these miniature cows have had on our lives and are filled with joy for us Their genuine happiness and support serve to reinforce the gratitude we feel for you and your exceptional minis.

In conclusion, the years of searching, the recommendations from our friends, and the subsequent discovery of your miniature cows have bestowed upon us an overwhelming sense of fortune. We cannot express enough how deeply grateful we are for finding you and bringing these delightful creatures into our lives. Our love for our miniature cows knows no bounds, and we truly not be any happier.


Daniella Schultz | Richmond, VA

“When I was finally at the stage in my life where I felt prepared to embark on the journey of making my lifelong dream of owning a miniature cow a reality, I was immensely grateful to have had Highland Cow Farm by my side, offering their unwavering support and assistance that ultimately played a pivotal role in turning my aspirations into tangible achievements.

Their genuine commitment to happiness and fulfillment truly commendable, as they not only shared in my excitement but also went above and beyond to ensure that every step of the way was with nothing but absolute trust, honesty, and unparalleled integrity.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness the remarkable extent to which their values guided their actions, leaving me with an unshakable confidence in their unwiring dedication to our partnership. Now, as I eagerly look ahead to further expanding my miniature cow collection, I couldn’t be more thrilled continue working hand in hand withHighland Cow Farm, knowing that their resolute commitment to excellence will undoubtedly facilitate the seamless purchase of even more enchanting creatures that will bring joy and fulfillment to my life.”


mini highland cow for sale
mini highland cow for sale

Wade Adams | Nashville, TN

After Hailey and I acquired a few acres of land, we entertained the idea of having cattle purely for aesthetic purposes.

We affectionately referred to them as “land ornaments” and began searching for the perfect calves. Hailey stumbled upon Highland Cow Farm website, and we were immediately captivated by the array of adorable calves they had available. Intrigued, I reached out to them, engaging in multiple conversations with Print, who treated me like a close friend. Our discussions led us to the decision of purchasing one calf from them.

However, fate had other plans in store for us. On the day of our intended purchase, they contacted me excitedly, informing me that he had come across another calf that would make the perfect companion for our chosen one. Eagerly, I consulted Hailey, who shared my enthusiasm, and we promptly agreed to take both calves. We informed Tatum of our decision and promised to travel to Nebraska within the next couple of weeks to retrieve them. Highland Cow Farm, ever accommodating, inquired about their names so he could tag them accordingly. We fondly named them Merle, the white calf, and Hank, the brown one.

As we embarked on our journey to them, they warned us about the possibility of encountering snow and assured us that if it impeded our progress, we could seek refuge at his place. Little did we know that the expected snowfall had transformed into a full-blown blizzard, obstructing our path entirely. Despite the treacherous conditions, we eventually reached their residence, only to find that he had lost power. Concerned for our safety, he insisted that we spend the night at his home until the storm subsided. It struck me deeply that a complete stranger would extend such warmth and care towards us, treating us as though we were family.

They graciously offered us a room in his house, but upon learning that a nearby hotel had vacancies, we opted to stay there instead. Throughout the night, he continuously checked on our well-being, ensuring we were safe amidst the snowstorm. The following day, as we began our journey back home, they maintained constant contact, making sure we reached Kansas without any issues caused by the lingering snowfall.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Highland Cow Farm for blessing us with those two bulls and for treating us with genuine joy and love, despite being strangers. His kindness touched both Hailey and me deeply, and it continues to serve as a reminder of how we should treat those who enter our lives. The memories we have made with Merle and Hank, and the impact they have had on our extended family and friends, are invaluable.


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