Let us know what you are seeking. We encourage you to do some research if you are a novice to owning cattle. We have compiled a list of common questions as well as the terms for our auctions.


Down Payment

Once you fill out the form, the process is easy and transparent! We ask for a down payment to hold the cattle until pick-up. Need shipping? We can handle that too!



We may be able to deliver personally, depending on your location. We also make arrangements with a very reputable shipping agency. We have sold calves to over 24 states and 2 Canadian provinces, so don’t be afraid of distance!

mini highland cow for sale
mini highland cow for sale
mini highland cow for sale

Price of Mini Highland Cow includes: Vaccinations, Scour Guard and Enforce 3 at birth Vision 7 and Cattle Master Gold, Bangs vaccination for the heifers,  Enforce 3 booster at weaning and again day of shipment, chondro and horn status testing, health papers to travel out of state, brand inspection, 4 weeks of hands on socialization preparing them for their new home. Buy Scottish highland cow online.

Calves are required to be picked up/delivered by 5 months of age.  If unable to do so, we are able to provide continued calf care for $10/day until pick up/delivery.

Calves are weaned at 4 months. The weaning process begins with the calf doing a 7-10 fence wean with its dam. This process is low stress for both cow and calf allowing the calf to wean naturally and calmly. The calf will then spend 3 weeks being handled, worked on the halter, socialized, groomed etc learning to trust and enjoy human interaction. My goal is that every calf leaves my ranch gentle and sweet, ready to be handled in their new home.  

We require at least 20% non-refundable deposit to hold a calf and a signed “Cattle Sale Contract”. Full payment is due 3 days prior to shipping.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call, text or email us. 

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